Have you been searching for the perfect filter for your 55-gallon aquarium?

Please take your time with the number of choices when you're thinking about a large tank. We have done all the research so that you don’t have to! Our blog post outlines five of the best filters for 55-gallon aquariums and compares them to decide which is right for you.

These filters provide powerful filtration and look great in any home or office setting! They will clear your water while durable enough to handle regular maintenance cycles. You can rest easy knowing that with these top-quality filters, your fish will thank you daily.

Please read our blog post and discover which filter best suits your needs!

How We Choose The Best Filter For a 55-Gallon Aquarium

We considered several factors when choosing the best filter for a 55-gallon aquarium. These included flow rate, energy efficiency, price, and overall quality of materials used. We looked at reviews from trusted sources such as fishkeeping websites and forums to ensure that the products we chose were top-notch. We also considered customer feedback to ensure we selected the best filters available on the market.

Now, let’s dive into our top five picks for the best filter for a 55-gallon aquarium. Each of these filters offers powerful filtration and impressive features. Keep reading to discover which one is right for you!

Penn-Plax Cascade 200 Power Filter

An easy and effective way to keep your aquarium’s water clean, clear, and healthy. 

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Penn-Plax Cascade 200 Power Filter

Why We Love It

The Penn-Plax Cascade 200 Power Filter is an easy and effective way to keep your aquarium’s water clean, clear, and healthy. This filter has a powerful motor that quietly moves 185 Gallons per Hour (GPH) of tank water for tanks up to 55 Gallons in size. It utilizes disposable, double-sided media cartridges that contain Activated Carbon and Poly Fiber Floss, so it’s great for Freshwater or Saltwater Aquariums. And the Bio-Sponge cartridge optimizes the colonization of anaerobic bacteria to remove ammonia and nitrate from your aquarium water.

You can easily adjust the flow knob to increase or decrease the water flow. Get your tank sparkling clean with the Penn-Plax Cascade 200 Power Filter! The Penn-Plax Cascade 200 Power Hang-On Filter is an easy and effective way to keep your aquarium’s water clean, clear, and healthy.

What You Should Know

Cascade 200 Power Hang-On Filter from Penn-Plax is an innovative filter that quietly delivers crystal-clear water throughout the aquarium for tanks up to 55 gallons. It features an adjustable flow knob, disposable double-sided media cartridges, and a revolutionary Bio-Sponge cartridge for optimizing the colonization of anaerobic bacteria.

The lift tube extends between 7” (min) and 11” (max). It is great for both Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums. To ensure optimal performance, follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper maintenance. With the Cascade 200 Power Hang-On Filter, you’ll have clean, healthy water in no time!

Fluval 307 Perfomance Canister Filter for Aquariums

Has a silent pump with energy-efficient technology that adds oxygen to your aquarium.

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Fluval 307 Perfomance Canister Filter for Aquariums

Why We Love It

The filter features a powerful, silent pump with energy-efficient technology that adds oxygen to your aquarium while helping you save money on electricity bills! Its ergonomic AquaStop valves make operation smooth and easy.

The filter also has a Primer for quick start-up and an oversized handle for comfortable pumping. With its 3 stage filter process, it is sure to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. The filter is ideal for freshwater and saltwater aquariums of up to 55 gallons (250 L).

What You Should Know

The filter has a capacity of up to 55 gallons (220 L). It also has an adjustable spray bar, filter media basket, and filter bag for fine debris. This filter is suitable for aquariums with both freshwater and saltwater fish.

The filter is equipped with AquaStop valves that make shutting off the filter quick and easy. Additionally, the filter is designed with a priming handle that allows for quick and effortless start-ups. Finally, the filter has an energy-efficient design that draws less power than a standard household LED lightbulb.

The Fluval 307 Canister Filter is an excellent choice for aquariums up to 55 gallons in size. It has all the necessary filter elements, AquaStop valves, and a priming handle for easy start-ups.

MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

Powerful filtration capabilities with a submerged motor, refillable filter chambers, and a high-efficiency micron cartridge.

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MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

Why We Love It

Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter is specifically designed for filtering 55-gallon aquariums. This filter has powerful filtration capabilities with a submerged motor, refillable filter chambers, and a high-efficiency micron cartridge that helps polish the water.

The filter also has all the necessary components to start and provides an easy setup process. The filter can filter 290 gallons per hour, making it perfect for larger aquariums up to 97 gallons. This filter is the best choice if you are looking for an efficient filter to keep your water polished and clean!

What You Should Know

The MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister filter is ideal for up to 97 gallons of aquariums. It uses a submerged motor for quick and easy startup and has two refillable chambers that house carbon or customizable filter media. The filter also includes a high-efficiency micron cartridge for water polishing. This filter can filter 290 gallons of water per hour and is ideal for use in medium to large aquariums.

It also includes a filter cartridge that can be replaced easily when needed. This filter helps remove dirt, debris, and waste from the aquarium without affecting beneficial bacterial levels. Additionally, it increases oxygenation levels in the tank for healthier fish and aquatic life. The filter is easy to install, use and maintain, ensuring maximum filter efficiency. This filter allows you to enjoy clear, healthy aquarium water for years. Install it now and filter your way to a cleaner tank!

NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter

Filter out large particles and debris while also contributing to the overall oxygenation of your tank.

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NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter

Why We Love It

The NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter is an efficient filter for a 55-gallon aquarium that comes in a compact, easy-to-install design. This filter will filter out large particles and debris while also contributing to the overall oxygenation of your tank with its adjustable 320 GPH water pump.

It has four nozzles, two models, and filter media for all filtration purposes, making it a great filter that will keep your aquarium clean and fresh. Plus, it comes with a 180-day warranty to ensure that your filter is covered if anything happens. This filter is perfect for keeping your 55-gallon tank clean and healthy!

What You Should Know

This filter is perfect for 55-gallon aquariums. It comes with a 12-watt submersible filter that can produce up to 320 GPH (1200L/H) of flow and has an adjustable lift height of up to 3.9 feet. The filter also includes multiple filter media, which is great for keeping the tank clean and fresh. The filter also includes four nozzles for cleaning and has an ultra-quiet operation.

The filter is incredibly easy to install, with all the necessary parts in the package. Attach the filter to your aquarium and plug it in; you’re ready! And if you have any issues within 180 days of purchase, the filter is backed by a warranty. So you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your filter has you covered. The filter also comes with an energy-efficient design, so it won’t use too much electricity and will increase your next power bill.

Polar Aurora 3-Stage External Aquarium Filter

The filter has three media trays, an adjustable spray bar, and a self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning.

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Polar Aurora 3-Stage External Aquarium Filter

Why We Love It

The Polar Aurora 3-Stage External Aquarium Filter is a great filter for up to 55 gallons of aquariums. This filter has three media trays, an adjustable spray bar, and a self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning.

The filter also has all the necessary hoses and clamps, making installation easy. The filter can handle your filtration media, such as activated carbons, ceramic rings, or bio-balls. With its adjustable filter flow rate, this filter is a great choice for any aquarium. This filter is sure to keep your tank clean and healthy.

What You Should Know

The filter is designed for up to 75-gallon tanks and provides powerful filtration. It comes with a filter sponge, filter pad, and filter media. The filter can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It is easy to maintain, set up, and use. The filter also has an adjustable spray bar, allowing you to adjust the filter output flow. The filter is also equipped with a convenient self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning. This filter is perfect for those looking to filter their 55-gallon aquarium tank.

It has three media trays for all your filtration needs, and you can add additional filter media such as activated carbon, ceramic rings, and bio balls to achieve better filtration. This filter is great for aquarium hobbyists looking for a powerful filter that can provide mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. The filter also has a single valve disconnect feature, making it easier to remove during routine maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Filter For 55 Gallon Aquarium

What size filter do I need for a 55-gallon aquarium?

So, you’ve got a 55-gallon aquarium and you’re wondering what size filter you need to keep your tank healthy and thriving. The answer isn't as simple as it may seem - there are a few factors at play that determine the best filtering solution for your needs.

First of all, consider the type of filter media you plan to use: carbon, ceramic rings, sponges, or any combination thereof. Each material has different characteristics which can affect the right size filter needed for your aquarium.

You also need to take into account the power of filtration provided by each type of filter media. Generally speaking, bigger tanks require filters with more powerful filtration capabilities than smaller tanks do - so if you have a larger tank such as 55 gallons or more, then it's likely that stronger filtering solutions are necessary in order to maintain water quality over time. This can range from external canister filters to internal canister filters and everything in between.

If possible, try to select a filter with a flow rate (also known as “filtratio”) that is appropriate for your aquarium size and stocking levels (the amount of fish/plants/equipment inside). Every pump will have a recommended filtratio rating printed somewhere on its packaging - this helps buyers get an idea of how powerful their chosen canister filters should be before purchasing them! Ultimately though, it comes down to what works best for your individual setup; while some people might get away with using low-powered filters in large tanks others might find they need something much more robust depending on their individual situation.

What filter should I use for a 55-gallon turtle tank?

When it comes to getting your 55-gallon turtle tank up and running, choosing the right filter is one of the most important steps. There are a variety of filters you can use so it's important to understand which one will work best for your needs. The three most popular types of filters available for turtle tanks are canister filters, internal canister filters, and filtration systems.

Canister Filters: Canister filters have been around the longest in terms of aquariums and offer powerful mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration when maintained properly. They come with several levels depending on your needs but always provide great water filtration capabilities in larger tanks such as yours.

Internal Canister Filters: Internal canister filters act like traditional canisters but are designed to be anchored inside the tank or hang off the side instead of being placed outside as normal ones do. This makes them easier to hide from view while still providing some beneficial filtering elements; however, they aren’t able to produce quite as much flow or mechanical power as regular ones due to their limited size constraints within the tank itself.

Filtration Systems: Filtration systems generally use multiple components such as protein skimmers, UV sterilizers, carbon reactors, etc that all run together by a single controller unit (normally sold separately). These provide exceptional filtration capabilities but require higher maintenance due to more specialized cleaning elements involved compared with other types mentioned above; however, they’re well worth it if you plan on having many turtles in your 55-gallon tank!

In conclusion, there is no single “best” filter for every turtle owner out there since everyone has different goals and budget constraints when setting up their mammal environment - however, once you figure out what type is going to work best for you than making sure that water quality remains top-notch should be easy!

Does a 55-gallon tank need a canister filter?

If you’re serious about keeping a healthy 55-gallon tank, then the definitive answer is yes – you need an effective canister filter! Canister filters are designed to work as part of an integrated filtration system that keeps your tank clean and its inhabitants healthy.

Canister filters differ from internal canister filters in their size, capacity and strength. A 55-gallon tank requires a large volume of water to be filtered through the system at any one time. This calls for a larger filter media to capture debris, sediments and other contaminants suspended in the water. Thankfully, most manufacturers make efficient and powerful canister filters specifically designed for larger tanks like yours; so read up on them before making your purchase!

In addition to mechanical filtration capabilities, some brands also offer biological media such as ceramic rings or bio-balls which help maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria needed by fish or corals inhabiting the aquarium. Be sure to invest in one with these features if your tank contains any form of live animals as they require oxygenated waters that are free from ammonia levels produced from waste materials inside the aquariums.

A well-maintained canister filter is key to having a successful aquarium for years down the line - it's always better safe than sorry when it comes to investing in equipment for your beloved freshwater (or saltwater!) friends!

How do you keep a 55-gallon fish tank clean?

Keeping a fish tank clean is often easier said than done! It takes dedication, maintenance, and the right kind of equipment. The good news is that with proper care, a 55-gallon fish tank can stay clean and healthy for years to come! Here's how you do it:

First, invest in a powerful filtration system. A canister filter or an internal canister filter is necessary to keep your water pristine. Canister filters are designed to mechanically trap debris and other contaminants from the water as it passes through different compartments — this helps maintain optimal clarity for your tank.

Next, keep up with regular cleaning maintenance in order to prevent algae from taking over your aquarium. Clean out any detritus from around the gravel bed every two weeks by using a siphon hose or a vacuum cleaner specifically made for aquariums. Don’t forget to replace 10-15% of your water each week in order to balance levels of minerals such as pH, alkalinity and hardness – this will help create an environment where aquatic plant life will thrive too!

Finally - don’t overload your tank with too many fish at once. Overpopulating the tank means more waste production which increases the chances of ammonia toxicity build-up that could be harmful to both you and your finned friends! Start off small and slowly introduce more inhabitants until you reach what's comfortable for you - usually, no more than one inch per gallon ratio should do it!

Keeping a 55-gallon aquarium clean isn't easy but definitely achievable if done correctly - just make sure to follow these steps carefully so you won't have any unwanted surprises along the way!

How often should you clean a 55-gallon fish tank?

Cleaning a 55-gallon fish tank is no easy feat, but it's an important and necessary task to ensure your fish are healthy and happy. Depending on the type of filter you have installed in your tank, you'll need to keep up with certain maintenance schedules in order to make sure it runs properly.

If you're using a filter media bag or canister filter that contains carbon, activated charcoal, or similar materials, then you should replace these items once every four weeks as part of regular maintenance. Once they've been replaced and/or cleaned out, they'll need another deep cleaning every couple of months.

If you've opted for an internal canister filter instead this could last anywhere from three months to six months depending on the filtration system. This may mean doing simple maintenance tests such as checking the flow rate meter or keeping an eye out for any clogs that might affect its performance over time. You'll also want to be aware of all levels when vacuuming around the substrate or performing water changes too often so that nitrates don't spike unexpectedly either!

No matter what type of filtration system you have set up in your 55-gallon aquarium one thing is for sure: proper routine maintenance will result in healthier water quality for your fish now and long into their future!

How many fish can a 55-gallon tank support?

Are you looking to find out how many fish a 55-gallon tank can hold? Sounds like you’ve come to the right place! The truth is, it depends - there are so many factors that go into determining exactly how fish-friendly your 55-gallon tank will be. You’ll need to think about filter media, a canister filter, and most of all a filtration system.

First up, consider the type of filtration system, which will determine the size of your filtering media; for smaller tanks such as 55 gallons, it's best to have at least ground and mechanical filtration systems installed. A good rule of thumb here is: the larger the filter cart or material used for your mechanical filter in terms of area (like 3x2 inches in size), then the more efficient your filtration system will be.

Next up is figuring out what kind of fish you plan on keeping in your tank. Different types of fish require different water parameters; however, most community or schooling fishes require similar parameters such as PH levels ranging from 6 – 8 and temperatures ranging from 70°F – 80°F (21°C – 26°C). That being said, some bigger fishes tend to produce more waste than small ones due to their size because they naturally eat more and also excrete more ammonia through respiration. This means that if you plan on keeping bigger fishes such as cichlids or Oscar then fewer numbers should be stocked per gallon volume compared with tiny nano species like guppies or tetras since those little guys produce very low amounts of nitrogenous compounds creating less pollution than larger aquarium dwellers do!

Finally, since we're dealing with a relatively small volume (55 Gal) stocking number should not exceed 15 adult specimens under the healthy condition in order not to have overstocked problems afterward and after taking into account all these factors we now arrive at this conclusion: A 55-Gallon Tank can support anywhere between 10 - 15 adult Fishes giving them enough space within the confines while maintaining stable water conditions due its natural environment simulation features including planted flora decors throughout its bottom surface plane & topography altogether!

Are one or 5-micron filters better?

The fish tank filter micron rating best for your aquarium will depend on the filter type and media you are using. Generally, it is recommended to use filter media with a filter micron rating of 1-5 microns to ensure the highest quality of filtration and water clarity.

Which is better, a canister filter or a sponge filter?

The filter type best for your aquarium will depend on the filter media, chemical filtration, filter cartridges, hob filter, mechanical filtration, and performance needs. Canister filters offer excellent filtration and water circulation, while sponge filters provide more gentle filtration and have a smaller footprint. It is important to select the filter type that best suits your tank's inhabitants and filtration needs.

Can I run two filters in my fish tank?

Yes, you can run two filters in your fish tank. This may be beneficial depending on the filter type and adjustable flow rate you are using, as well as the filter flow rate and filter performance needs of your aquarium. It is important to select a filtration system specifically designed for your tank's inhabitants and filtration needs.


Now that you know the five best filters for a 55-gallon aquarium, it’s time to choose the one that’s right for your fish tank. Consider the features of each filter and what will work best for your budget, setup, and fish. With the right filter, your aquarium will be cleaner and your fish healthier. Do you have a favorite filter for a 55-gallon aquarium? Let us know in the comments below!